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International Week of Happiness at Work 2021
North America event: Attract, Inspire, Retain


Join us for a week of virtual education, motivation, and proven tactics to increase the well-being and success of your organization.


Study after study shows that happy employees perform

better in almost every business outcome.


Happy employees and teams are more:

  • engaged

  • productive

  • creative

  • collaborative

  • loyal

  • successful at sales

  • resilient... the list goes on! 

The idea of investing in the employee experience and creating a workplace that actively promotes positive mental health is certainly gaining momentum in Canada and the US. That said, we've still got a long way to go if we truly want to see a fundamental shift in the way we work.


Join us for the week-long event and learn how your organization can gain a significant competitive advantage by leveraging the strengths of your team.

Event Schedule (online)
September 20-26, 2021
Hosted by Workplace Happiness Experts and the event organizers (aka. the 3 amigas!):
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Tia Graham,
Founder of
Arrive At Happy
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Sheona McGraw,
Founder of
Cloud 9 To 5
Sarah Metcalfe,
Co-Founder of Happy Coffee Consulting
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Cost to attend: *free! (though donations to our non-profit partner are encouraged!)

We're on a mission to change the way we think about work. To make this event as accessible as possible, we've decided not to charge anything for our tickets. Instead, when you register to attend the event, you'll be asked to make a voluntary donation to our amazing non-profit partner, CAABWA. You can choose to give $0, $10, $100, $500 - whatever floats your boat! 100% of ticket "sales" will go directly to CAABWA for maximum impact.

caabwa image 1.png

Our mission is to Empower.


The Canadian and African Business Women’s Alliance (CAABWA) is a non-profit, Canadian and African association dedicated to improving economic sustainability and growth in Africa. We work hard to encourage gender equality, strengthen women’s empowerment, and to advance private sector development.


It doesn’t take much to make a significant impact on the work we’re doing in Africa. Donations, big or small, will go a long way to empowering women entrepreneurs and creating opportunities for communities across Africa.  

Image by Patrick Fore

You’ve put time, energy, and passion into creating a workplace where people actually want to work. A culture that actively promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. An environment that enables people to thrive. In short – you’ve been busy!


Become an event sponsor and show the world how creating a happy and healthy workplace that puts people first is a great recipe for success!

Let the world know just how awesome your team is!

Have another awesome idea you'd like to try for the International Week of Happiness at Work? Great!


If you'd like help to organize your own initiative - whether it's hosting a company webinar or workshop, facilitating a speaker's panel, or something else, reach out to us at so we can explore how we can best support you.

 Drop us a line! 

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