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Everyone deserves to be happy at work and that's the driving belief behind Cloud 9 to 5. (Besides, happy companies make more money!) 


We provide tailored training, coaching, tools and guidance to organizations and their employees to help create a happy, healthy and high-performing workplace. We work with:

  • employees - to build their resilience and to help them take responsibility for their own happiness at work

  • managers - to develop a leadership style that puts employees first and to help create an environment were people are inspired to do great work

  • executives - to ensure the organization is structured in a way that actively contributes to creating a culture of  positive mental health and that enables its people to thrive.


Sheona McGraw
Founder, Cloud 9 to 5

From some of the happiest and healthiest workplaces to some of the most toxic and unhappy environments, I've experienced it all.


I've learned that the recipe for creating a culture of happiness in the workplace is actually fairly simple in concept (yet often challenging in practice). I've seen a team transform, for better and for worse, because of a few key changes that directly impacted employee happiness.  Our goal at Cloud 9 to 5 is to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, and to help make happiness the new status quo for all organizations.

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